Rory K

Rory K

     Rory K, a native of downtown Manhattan in New York, was born into a musical family and wasted no time getting his feet wet as an MC. He didn’t begin recording music seriously until 2012, but made sure everyone he knew was aware of his passion. His father, the lead singer and guitarist of legendary Irish rock band Black 47, motivated him to pursue his dreams and take his craft seriously. Rory K mainly free-styled throughout Soho at local parks and house parties until he was introduced to the Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn by his friend and long time collaborator, Bobby !llah.

     The two formed a collective, MDN$$, stemming from house parties their crew threw during their late high school and early college careers. After Rory K received his Bachelor’s Degree at Franklin Marshall College, he and Bobby !llah released their debut joint LP “Zooted”. The tape, available for free download on Datpiff, was well received and they went on to perform shows together throughout New York City. Their track “Thirsty Thursdays” currently has over 20,000 plays on YouTube; in addition they shot a video for the dark party anthem “Everclear and Punch”.

      Rory K moved to Providence, Rhode Island in January 2014 when the company he was working for relocated. He didn’t know anyone in the city and used this solitary period to his advantage, spending the entire year working on his first solo album. He moved back to New York in 2015 and released his song “Man of the Moment” as a music video. This lighthearted track sat well with his persona and allowed him to book several more shows throughout New York, and perform with his father at sold out gigs in the legendary B.B. Kings.

     With his buzz at an all time high Rory K announced his debut album “Rants on Reckless Youth,” accompanied by an album release party and performance at Webster Hall. Rory K released a series of 10 self-shot videos titled “Free-style Fridays” in the months leading up to the album. “Rants on Reckless Youth” was released on June 12 for free download via his soundcloud . His performance at Webster Hall gained the attention of several producers and rappers with whom he has collaborated this summer.

     His subject matter ranges from very dark to very playful, this balance along with his downtown style and vivid red hair sets him apart from the crowd. With a music video for his song “Miami” - a humorous take on a weekend-long affair in Miami - ready for release, several recent collaborations, and a new EP in the works, Rory K is poised to grow to new heights in 2015 and beyond.