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Rory K – “Miami” Makes Me Admire Hip-hop


The second office single produced by Kade Fresco off Rory K’s debut album “Rants on Reckless Youth”

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Rory K: I met a girl in Miami...

Rory K: I met a girl in Miami…

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I met that girl in Miami..

I could not go on further as there are explicit words in his current(second) single Miami. I like this dude’s energy. He struts like a pop star. Well he is a pop artist. He just needs further mainstream air time and you have a contender to Eminem and other rappers in the fold. But unlike other artists who meant to cause controversy with offensive ideas or lyrics, he actually cites his mom as an avid supporter/critic of is artistic endeavours. It is great to witness him acting his age and just being natural or candid. That is something that is lacking in people nowadays. You get this image of them that’s totally different from their attitude.

Miami is an autobiographical sketch of his experience. But his recordings can also be about other people-or stories of friends who happen to impart a secret. It is a slow jam with rapid fire lyrics. The video shows him telling his buddy about his wild experience. It’s a typical guy talk that you can relate to especially if you have homies. Now if you think he is your typical pretty blond boy from New York, take note that he has a writing degree and his dad fronted the legendary Irish rock group Black 47. So music has been with him at an early age.

Rory K is also a kind of artist you’d like to meet. He’s down to earth and he takes his artistic career seriously. His album Rants of Reckless Youth has a painstaking production technique. Well, just goes to show he is not a reckless hip hop artist. He’s really have something to say!

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Roar with K

Posted on July 31st, 2015 by Baxter Labatos
R.O.R.Y. K

R.O.R.Y. K

”I am a young ass kid with an old ass soul”

Rory Kirwan raps in One for the road. Take note, he uses R.O.R.Y K as his moniker. I have been bored lately listening to the same kind of music. And once in a while I get updates on my newsfeed. And I got an unexpected treat when I clicked on his link via iTunes. It is refreshing because he writes about reality. He raps about people his age, and also what they do. I think this is what music is or should be about that it’s about expressing yourself and talking about what’s going on with your life. It might not be autobiographical but it is what people are going through at the moment and I think that  strikes a chord in everyone.

Sound-wise I think he has a mainstream potential. I think I would not be surprised if he makes it to the Billboard charts. He’s got the swag. He is young and fashionable. One of those dudes you can find on the cover of GQ or Esquire magazines.

Yes I can listen to rap music. I mean what’s wrong with rap music? It is about self-expression. And if you like expletives and a little bit of porn then I think this is for you. And yes like I said I was bored and now I don’t think I am. I am blasting this through my speakers and I’m planning to take it everywhere especially when I go back to the gym.

You also better check out his new single Miami. On Lock is also available via Soundcloud. He has 13 tracks available through soundcloud I recommend you listen to all of them.